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All the Queens Horses and all the Queens Men (and Women)!

A range of stories about those who guard...


Notebook, a Whistle and a Truncheon!

Hilarious policing tales and anecdotes from the era of George Dixon.
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What a Laugh!

A healthy look at laughter, why we do it, is it good for us and what happens if we don't, plus a chance to indulge in a chuckle (or guffaw) or two.
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Keith Baldwin - Guest Speaker and Storyteller


As an established Guest Speaker, Storyteller and Voice-Over artist it is my great pleasure to welcome you to my website.

I hope that by browsing through the next few pages you will be able to find just what you are after. However, if I can help you with more information then please contact me direct and I will be very pleased to help.

Best regards
Keith Baldwin



Why is this site called 'Tallfellow' and who is Keith Baldwin?

Keith Baldwin is 'the Tallfellow' and when you see him you will know why, although he says he peaked at 6'4" and is now on the way down!

In his early days Keith was a soldier in the Household Cavalry and served for six years, gaining the rank of Corporal! He then joined the police service, retiring as a Superintendent - which he says was just slightly less important than being a Corporal and didn't involve too much work! However, he did manage to command an Operational Division and gain a Master of Arts Degree at the University of Hertfordshire.

He is now a professional speaker and has performed at over 400 engagements... read more »